Meeting with the President of France Nicolas Sarkozy: Prime Minister’s statement

February 10, 2010 | categories : Articles and Statements, Prime Minister

Elysee Palace, 10 February 2010

First of all, we had a very cordial and warm meeting with your President, Nicolas Sarkozy.

We both believe that we have strong ties, a very warm bilateral relationship, and there are many areas where we can further deepen this cooperation.

We had the opportunity to talk about our bilateral relations, but furthermore talk about Europe. Certainly about our wider region, problems and cooperation in the Balkans, the Cyprus problem, the issue of Turkey’s road to the European Union. These were areas we talked about, as we also talked about of course Europe’s role in the world, during this financial crisis but also dealing with the big issue of climate change.

We had, I think, an excellent exchange on issues such as how we can cooperate on this very important initiative on the Mediterranean Union, particularly on issues such as renewable energy, making Europe more competitive, making renewable energy a very important vehicle for competitiveness of our economies in the European Union.

Of course, we discussed the financial and political problem that Greece faces today, the issue of the large deficit. And I would like to make it very clear: We have submitted a very specific stability and growth programme to the Commission, which has been approved by the Commission, and we are absolutely decided to make sure that it is implemented in every detail.

The last few days I have taken extra measures, specific measures, to make sure that this programme is even furthermore guaranteed. And when I say guaranteed, I want to repeat what I have said, that we are ready to take any necessary measure in order to make sure that the goal of cutting our deficit by 4% in 2010, to the percentage of 8.7 of our GDP, will be met. We are ready to take any measures in order to make this sure and guaranteed that we reach this goal.