Eurogroup’s decision | Prime Minister’s statement

April 14, 2010 | categories : Articles and Statements, Prime Minister

April 11, 2010

On March 25 we talked about a decision on a European safety net for Greece.
Today, with the decision of the Eurogroup, the safety net has been fullfilled.
European solidarity took shape.

The current trend is not just for Greece.

It is an important decision for the whole of Europe, the European Union itself.

And today’s decision sends Europe a very clear message:

That no one can play with our common currency, no one can play with our shared destiny. That the EU was and remains a community of shared values, common objectives and solidarity.

I want all Greek men and women to be confident.

The efforts by the hard work we make, we make all of us, well spent. Because we work tirelessly from the first day with plan, belief in Greece, faith in ourselves and determined to face a crisis without precedent for any government.

Step – by step, day by day, opening the road will lead us safely to the exit from the crisis. It will allow us to build the conditions for Greece sustainable development, prosperity and social justice.

We build again the credibility of our country, recovering the trust of our partners, convincing the entire international community that we are determined to tidy up our own home.

We need now to continue to pursue the major sections, with a plan, seriousness and determination in every area of policy, we have the results we want for the citizens and Greece.