Meeting with President of the French Republic Nicolas Sarkozy in Paris | Prime Minister’s statement

September 30, 2011 | categories : Articles and Statements, Prime Minister

Friday September 30 2011

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I had a very constructive discussion with President Sarkozy on the ongoing crisis. I want to make it very clear that Greece is determined – I myself, our government, the Greek people are determined to make the necessary changes. We are making sacrifices and we will live up to our part of the decisions we have taken, our responsibilities, making all the necessary reforms, first of all because we want to change Greece and make Greece a competitive, socially just and transparent country.

I also told President Sarkozy that I would be very happy for him to send, and any country who wants, to send experts to see what we are doing, in full transparency, so that the people know the changes we are making and the efforts we are all doing, the sacrifices the Greek people are making to change our country.

Finally, I wanted to thank Nicolas Sarkozy for his ongoing support during this whole crisis these last two years and of course the support of the French people. It has been absolutely vital. It is recognized by the Greek people, and it is giving us the necessary time to make these changes so that Greece can be a better and a different country, for the benefit not only of the Greek people but of all of Europe.

Thank you.