Meeting with the President of the European Council in Brussels | Prime Minister’s statement

October 13, 2011 | categories : Articles and Statements, Prime Minister

Thursday, October 13, 2011

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George A. Papandreou - statement after meeting with Herman Van RompuyGood afternoon,

Our Summit on the 23rd of October is challenged to decide on a comprehensive and a lasting solution to the crisis in the Eurozone.

After my meeting with President Van Rompuy I can assure you that we are moving forward to meet this challenge.

And this comprehensive package will include issues such as the need for deeper economic cooperation, integration and governance, the strengthening of the EFSF and the strengthening of the European banking system.

A crucial element is to make the necessary decisions concerning Greece, building on our recent summit conclusions of July 21st.

We need to ensure confidence and calm in the markets.

We need to lead to sustainable growth and investment.

Because Greece has great potential but this potential has in the past been mismanaged.

That is why we are moving ahead with major reforms.

Radical changes that we are implementing throughout the Greek economy and in the public administration to guarantee competiveness, productivity, growth, transparency and social justice.

In this respect the recent statement by institutional partners shows the positive momentum we have achieved.

As I have told President Van Rompuy: It is the Greek people that want change. We want to change in Greece. And however painful we are committed to make these changes. In the best interests of the Greek people. Defending their right for a better future a most prosperous and just future.

Again – we are all now aware that we also must tackle flaws in the institutional design of Eurozone.

So I’d like to add my voice to those who believe in a deeper and stronger Europe – such as the 96 personalities who yesterday called for a European solution.

This is the task – but I am more optimistic that there is a new will to live up to this common challenge for Europe.

So I believe we can make this crisis an opportunity for success both in Greece and in Europe.

Thank you very much.